Thursday 28 July 2016

Bed Time

Life has been crazy busy of late. Harry has been working all hours and, as well as trying to keep up with the business admin, I have had a lot of family commitments. There just haven't been enough hours in the day and we have both ended up exhausted by the time evening comes around. 

Harry bounces back as soon as his eyes are open but I am not a morning person at the best of times. I have to come back into the world s-l-o-w-l-y and with at least two cups of coffee. If I don't get enough sleep I am not nice to know, grouchy just doesn't cover it. Harry has been very helpful on the worst days, either by using his magic sleeping aid (why do we sleep like babies after a spanking?) or sending me to bed early.

That's another of the many things I thought I would never write. When I first started reading blogs, I was astonished to find women being sent to bed by their husbands. There was no way I'd put up with that, absolutely not!

Unfortunately, Harry must have missed that memo because one night, not long after my first 'real' spanking, I was up late reading when he came into the room, saying I should go to bed; the next day was going to be busy and I needed my sleep. I said I'd just get to the end of the chapter first and carried on reading. It was a gripping book and, two chapters later, Harry came back and told me to go upstairs or I'd get a spanking. I protested that he couldn't do that, I'm not a child, and I would go to bed when I was ready and not before. got spanked.

The following evening, as he was leaving for a late session at the local sports centre, Harry told me that as I'd had a long, tiring, day he wanted me to be in bed by the time he got home. That did not go down well, as you can imagine, and I was quite determined I was not going to comply. Much later, I was immersed in my book when my phone buzzed beside me with a text alert: "I'm just leaving, you have fifteen minutes." My resolve melted away and I dived into bed just as Harry drew up onto the drive. He knew I'd only just made it but he kissed me and said, "Good girl." I know some of you melt when you hear that but I loathe it, it makes me cringe. That amuses Harry, who uses it as a non-impact means of letting me know who's in charge.

I really struggled with the bed time issue and Harry was patient but unrelenting. The learning curve continued something like this:

H: Rosie, time for bed.
R: Okay, I just need to finish this, five minutes.
H: Do you want a spanking?
R: No, but...
H: No buts. Go. Now.
Still having trouble giving up control...

H: Rosie, time for bed.
R: Okay, I just need to...
H: (smack) Off you go.
R: Okay (kiss).
Getting there...

H: Rosie, time for bed.
R: Okay, night, night.
H: Sleep tight (smooch) (pat, pat).
Got it!

Sweet dreams,


Sunday 10 July 2016

PK's Implement Challenge

I've come to the conclusion that the people who have the biggest collections are those who have been 'gifted' implements by fellow bloggers, a sure way of feeling their friends' love.

My collection is tiny in comparison but it just goes to show what an angel I am.

Guess which ones I like best?

Harry made the wooden paddle, so I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love it because he made it specially and hate it because "wood is no good." The long one in the middle is an evil rubber thing described online as a flogger. It hasn't been near my bottom and that's the way I'd like it to stay. The one in the photo is a replacement. Harry received the despatch message for the original one whilst we were away on holiday, so expected it to be on our doormat when we returned. It wasn't, so he checked the tracking information which showed it had been left in the porch. None of our neighbours had taken it in so we could only think it had been stolen. We laughed so much at the thought of the thief opening that parcel. We're still awaiting the blackmail letter.


Tuesday 5 July 2016

If it's Sunday it must be...

Meredith, over at New Twist, recently came across an article that had the answer for those long-married couples who were lacking in love making and affection. The solution was to make a love appointment for Wednesdays - humping on Hump Day. Meredith had a better idea; they should try ttwd instead. I entirely agree with her that being spanked by your husband sets the world of love making on fire. Only recently, Harry commented that we were having some of the best sex of our lives. The sexy benefits of ttwd are undisputed.

I can't knock 'calendar sex', though. I've been there, when life got in the way of intimacy. There was a time, a few years back, when Harry and I were both working long hours in demanding jobs and seemed permanently tired and stressed. There was no shortage of affection between us; we still kissed and cuddled, I still fell asleep each night with his right shoulder as my pillow but, too often, love making fell victim to exhaustion.

One Sunday morning, we were sitting up in bed watching the TV news. Harry had an arm around me, absently stroking my shoulder. As I snuggled into him, I realised we hadn't made love for nearly two months. We knew it had been a while but we were shocked it had been that long. After we'd brought that particular drought to an end, I asked what Harry thought of setting aside a particular time for making love, so that it didn't get lost in the chaos of life. He wasn't keen on the idea, thinking that losing spontaneity would make it feel forced or clinical. After another month in the desert we decided to try it, choosing Sunday afternoons, as that was the quietest time of the week. We didn't physically mark it on the calendar, of course, nor did we set a specific time. The next Sunday afternoon, I dressed provocatively, put on my highest heels and sashayed into the sitting room, beckoning Harry to follow me upstairs. Needless to say, he loved that.

Harry's misgivings proved unfounded. Far from feeling forced or clinical, it gave us something to look forward to. The anticipation was a great build up - if it was Sunday there'd be good loving in the afternoon. We had a lot of fun. I particularly enjoyed "seducing" Harry, sometimes mixing it up by  sending him a saucy text or a naughty photo. I know! Sexting at my age, whatever next! 

Our first spanking took place on a Sunday afternoon, as did many that followed. By that time, our afternoon trysts had brought our love life back from the dead, restoring our lost libido and bringing back spontaneity. The introduction of ttwd also added a whole new dimension. There was no longer any need to put sex on the calendar.

Nevertheless, if you were to walk past our house on a Sunday afternoon, it's still likely that our bedroom curtains would be drawn. If the windows were closed too, that would be a sure sign of the MFL being preceded by a GBW (Good Bottom Warming). It may be scheduled but, to me, that's still pretty hot. I'm sure it's not for everyone but we have no plans to take our Sunday afternoon love appointments off the calendar any time soon.

Thanks, M.