Sunday 3 September 2017

An Unwanted Spanking

A few nights ago Harry came to bed a while after I had turned out the lights.  No sooner had he got into bed than he was out again, rummaging about on the floor before getting back in. I turned around to find him sitting against the headboard with the fat bolster and a pillow on top of his legs. Having got my attention, he patted the pillow to indicate that I should go over his lap. There'd been no sass, no line had been crossed, so it could only be that Harry wanted to spank just to remind me that he can. Usually that makes me happy and keeps me on an even keel but I didn't want to be reminded right then, I'd been in bed over half an hour and I was sleepy! 

So I said "No!"

I couldn't see his face properly in the dark but I heard the tone as he said, "Rosie, get over here."

I was warm and cosy and snuggled further under the duvet saying, "No, I don't want to!"

Pulling the cover off me he said, sternly, "Rosamund, get your bottom over here NOW!"

Yikes! I can't remember the last time he called me by my proper name, so I scrambled over his lap and he began to spank. I really wasn't in the mood so I lay still, almost disconnected, until the spanks became harder and I began to wriggle and squawk. At that point Harry said he wished he'd picked up a paddle, not so that he could spank harder but to give his stinging palms a rest! He made his point perfectly well without the use of an implement and I was quite subdued by the time he let me up.

I snuggled up beside him ready for sleep but had barely closed my eyes before he said, softly, "Did you forget to say thank you?" He had never made that a requirement; it dates back to the beginning, when we spanked purely for fun. He had to go against his nature to smack my bottom, so I thanked him for spanking me each time and still do. I wasn't so thankful for the spanking I'd just received but kissed him and voiced the forgotten thanks because he does it to fulfil a need I was wired with from birth. He held out his arms and I cuddled into him, falling asleep on his shoulder, my favourite pillow.

When a spanking is over, there is usually no further discussion but the next morning he said, "You said no."

"I did, but what makes you raise it now?"

"I've been thinking about it."

"And what do you think?"

"If you say no, that raises a spanking to discipline level."

*Smiling* "I noticed that last night!"   

With a kiss and a swat he went off to do his chores, satisfied we were on the same page.

Sometimes, a spanking I don't want is one I really need.


Drawing extracted from an original artwork by Minelle Labraun that I am thrilled to say now hangs in my home.