Thursday 27 April 2017

The Invisible Woman

That's who I've been these last few weeks, flitting around Blogland without leaving a footprint, except for the few occasions when my cloak slipped long enough for a quick "Hello." I missed all the fun of March Questions & Answers and must have missed other posts too, though I've caught up a bit during the past week. I'm not going to bore you with the whys and wherefores. Apart from having my left wrist in a brace for three weeks, which  was a real nuisance, it can all be summed up by too much work, not enough sleep and life in general.

If you read my last post, you may remember that Harry was about to start a twelve day run of work, without a break. He had also started reminder spankings each morning and on his return from work - my 'double dailies'. A few friends commented that I was a lucky girl, which I was when he was working normal hours. But then came Friday, the start of the hard physical work, spanning the weekend and following week. The alarm went off even earlier than usual and, after drinking the cup of tea that Harry had thoughtfully brought up to me, I snuggled right back under the covers. It was a bit of a shock a few minutes later, when the duvet was pulled back and I was invited over Harry's lap. To my mind, there were two things wrong with that. One, it was a time of day I'm not normally acquainted with and, two, he was fully dressed and I was naked. What is it about that, that makes me feel so vulnerable? After all, the target area is the same. I went over his lap and he spanked with his hand. After a short warm up he upped his game and lit a fire in my backside hotter than he'd ever done before. He tucked his free arm around my waist to keep me in place; kicking was discouraged with spanks to my thighs. Afterwards, he tucked me back into bed, where I swiftly returned to the land of nod.

It takes me a while to wake up properly in the mornings so I wasn't really alert when I got into the shower and, "Ouch!" my bottom stung. That was a surprise because the effects of a spanking seldom last more than an hour or so and this was a good three hours later. I felt it all day and still had marks at bedtime, when Harry spanked again, relighting the fire he had set in the morning. Unlike the morning, when no implement had been involved, he finished up with a few spanks with the rubber strap. My protests were very loud!

He had to leave really early the next morning and didn't spank then, for which I was grateful as I was still feeling his love from the previous day's attention. He came home exhausted after a fourteen hour day and, by tacit agreement, there was no spanking. He was the one who needed attention and tender loving care. The dailies were made redundant and there was no spanking in the following few days. As the weekend drew near, I began to miss it but Harry reads me well. He had only the loose ends of the job to tie up on Friday and, after kissing me goodbye, he leaned in again and said, quietly, "Five o'clock." My tummy turned the familiar flip-flop; I love the frisson created by that promise of what is to come.

Somewhere along the line I took my mother for a check-up at the hospital and, all being well at her next scan, she will be discharged from out-patient care. Harry and I had a quiet Easter weekend together, recharging our batteries before spending a few days in the West Country with our elder daughter and her partner. We had been unable to visit for a couple of months owing to work pressure, so it was good to see the progress they've made on the cottage. Cornwall is beautiful in Spring, the fields and hedgerows were bursting with colour under a bright blue sky. My daughter and I took her dog for a walk in the dunes:

So there you have it. All is right in my world; I just wish I could slow down the clock.