Monday 24 October 2016

Life, the Universe ...and Spanking

Life here continues to be frustrating. I like to look at my wall planner and decide how I will divide up my week between all the tasks I need to do. I don't like it when my best laid plans go awry, such as when our broadband supplier messed up and left us without WiFi for two days last week. We have a business to run and so much is done online nowadays. Service was restored on the day Harry and I were travelling to the West Country for a long weekend, so I had a lot of juggling to do. I was even less happy when I got a call from the hospital at short notice, moving my mum's appointment forward to one of the days I'd be away. And don't get me started on Harry's relentless work schedule. 

I do get stressed at times but it would be ridiculous to claim I am hard done by when, in reality, I lack for nothing but time and sleep. My mum is being monitored for any changes in her condition and, all being well, she will not need the hysterectomy that was recommended after the MRI scan. Harry has taken on some temporary help for the business so he won't need to put in quite so many hours. We got a lot of work done on the cottage last weekend and won't be making the trip again for another month. Light is slowly seeping through the tunnel and I know all this will pass.

In the meantime, there is a very bright spot to look forward to at the end of the month, when our younger daughter is coming 'home' for a short visit. She lives a million miles away on another continent, so we don't see her often. 

The Universe fascinates and terrifies me in equal measure. We have had some beautiful clear nights in our neck of the woods recently and Harry has called me out into the garden a couple of times to look at the moon and gaze at the stars. On one of those nights we were able to watch the International Space Station hurtling across the sky at around 5 miles per second. I read that it orbits Earth and sees a sunrise once every 92 minutes. That's truly awesome.

...and Spanking is Harry's method of choice for relieving stress and keeping me on an even keel. When he steeled himself to land those first, tentative, spanks on my behind I could never have foreseen that the reluctant spanker he was then would gain the confidence and assurance he has now. I'm not going to pretend he's a strict disciplinarian, he still spanks mostly for fun, but these days he doesn't hesitate to spank when a reminder or reset is called for. During a particularly difficult week, he decided that little and often was the way to go, so we had what Katie calls 'dailies', only it was 'nightlies' in our case.

Sadly, one of our trips to Cornwall triggered a reset. It's difficult away from home, when small things can escalate because they can't be taken care of straight away. We were in a pub with our daughter and her partner, taking a lunch break after a hard morning's work on the cottage. Harry and I were being a bit snippy with each other but there was nothing that really needed attention, until I crossed the line between teasing and attitude with a barbed comment. The atmosphere between us was distinctly frosty for a while, but we got over it. By the time we arrived home, late on Sunday, I thought we were good. Monday evening, however, Harry arrived home from work and poured two glasses of pink Champagne. Instead of handing me one he cocked his head in the direction of the stairs, telling me it was for colour matching. It was a particularly dark shade of rosé, not good news for my bottom. He set the glasses down on my bedside table and told me to take off my jeans and knickers whilst he sorted out the pillows and implements. I'd prefer it if he removed my clothes but he insists I do it myself. I think it's a way of reaffirming consent. 

Anyway, he sat against the headboard and I went over his lap. I can usually tell when a reset is over because he uses the wooden paddle for the last five spanks, two on each side and one in the middle. This time, after he put the paddle aside there were four more spanks with "Owww, what on Earth was that?!!" He told me it was the strap. We don't have a strap. What he had used was the evil rubber thing with raised bumps that was only supposed to be used if I did something really bad. I complained but he said he rather liked it and gave me two more smacks. When he let me up I reached for the Champagne but he held me back, telling me I'd forgotten something. I always thank him for spanking me. That's not something he requires but I've done it right from the start, when spanking was solely for fun and he was going against his nature to do it. It appears it's something else he rather likes.

I told him I wasn't sure I could thank him for the last six spanks but, to be honest, he's used the 'strap' a couple of times since and it's not so evil after all. Like anything else, it depends on how it's wielded and he doesn't put much force behind it.

We still find time for fun spankings. Yesterday, Harry was doing some vacuuming that I'd neglected during the week and called me from the sitting room to come and see the mess in there. I knew there was no mess and guessed it was a ruse to get me in there for a spanking. I was in the kitchen and called back that I couldn't come, I was really busy, to which the response was "Get in here!" I went across his lap on the sofa, where he started right in with the leather paddle, saying naughty girls don't get warm-ups. There was a lot of shrieking and laughing and when I went back to the kitchen it wasn't only the pans on the stove that were simmering nicely.

My mother came for a late lunch and I wasn't sure whether we'd make our calendar tryst but as Harry was leaving to take her home, he whispered in my ear that he wouldn't be long and I should make sure the heating was on in our bedroom.

Good loving and good spanking. Really, what do I have to moan about when all is said and done?


I started this post last Tuesday but had to abandon it until today, so references to 'last week' are actually from the week before. I'm still pressed for time, hence lack of any pictures. I'm hoping to be around more but next week I may be up north helping my younger daughter sort out her house prior to selling it and will have no access to WiFi.