Sunday 13 August 2017

Ella's Summertime Meme

Life is good in Harry and Rosie Land. Ttwd is alive and well, though there hasn't been much spanking of late, as our younger daughter has been with us on her annual visit. She's such fun; there's never a dull moment when she's around. There was one dicey point when she asked me how I came to travel to America by myself and how did I know the women I went out to meet? She seemed satisfied with the half-truths I told her but that didn't stop her grilling Harry as well! In case inquiring minds want to know, Harry's itchy palm was relieved the moment he came back from dropping our daughter off at the airport for her flight back.

If you've read Ronnie's and Jan's recent posts you'll know that, along with Ami, we got together recently to meet our lovely friend Minelle, who was in London for a few days. We met for lunch, which carried on all afternoon. We talked non-stop and time just flew by. It looks likely that we shall make it a yearly event but a year is really too long to wait!

There's nothing more of note to tell you so, without further ado, here's my take on Ella's meme:

1. Name a tender song that can almost make you cry.
Forever Autumn by Justin Hayward. Gets me every time.

2. What is your favourite shade of lipstick? What about nail polish?
I wear a light berry shade of lipstick. Still searching for a replacement for my favourite 'Rouge Bordeaux' discontinued by Bourjois years ago. My favourite nail polish is Chanel's 'Rouge Noir'. Harry loves to see me wearing that one.

3. Name a children's nursery rhyme or song that you loved and to which you remember all the words.
I remember several but never had a favourite.

4. What outfit would you put on in the morning if you wanted to feel happy and well dressed? Something in which you think you look pretty damn good!
A long-sleeved Breton tee, indigo jeans and a red or navy jacket. Add red leather ballet flats, a red tote or handbag, a red coral necklace - and I'm good to go.

5. If you had enough money to buy just one, would it be a cottage by the ocean or a cabin in the mountains?
Mountains conjure up a picture of snow-capped peaks so, as I hate the nasty white stuff, it would have to be the beach.

6. If you are old enough, which one of the Beatles did you have a "thing" for?
I liked the Beatles but wasn't a great fan. I am grateful to John Lennon for writing 'Jealous Guy' which Bryan Ferry later recorded and made his own (swoon!). The group that covered my bedroom walls in the 60s was the Small Faces.

7. Name a smell that you love.
Harry has worn Eau Sauvage for forty years or more. I love to bury my face in his neck and inhale!

8. How often do you defuzz your legs? Wax, razor or electric?
I have sparse hair on my legs so don't have a regular routine, just shave when necessary, using a razor.

9. How/why did you choose your blog name?
I never imagined I'd need a blog name! I had been lurking for many months before I summoned up the nerve even to make a comment. I didn't have a cover ID then, so used the 'Anon' feature and the name Rosie, a nickname from my dim and distant past. Eventually, I set up the Google ID for Rosie Jones and the play on 'Roses are red' just followed on from there.

10. What do you like to eat for breakfast? To drink? Coffee or tea?
Harry's alarm goes off at 5.45am, which is far too early for me to be alert. He brings me tea before he leaves, then I have fruit, yoghurt and coffee later. Lots of coffee. Much later.

11. How many siblings do you have? Are you the oldest, a middle or the youngest child?
I have a sister and two brothers. I am the eldest and, yes, I was the bossy one.

12. What is your favourite salad dressing?
Honey mustard.

13. If you could sit next to anyone (alive) on a long plane trip, who would you pick?
I asked my younger daughter for help with this one and she suggested David Starkey, the historian, which is a great choice. I bet you all thought I'd say Bryan Ferry!

14. Have you ever gone shopping just to cheer yourself up?
No, I don't much care for shopping. Except for shoes. And handbags.

15. If there is one thing that can make you lose your temper, what would it be?
I used to have a door slamming, foot stamping, temper but I have mellowed with age. I can't remember the last time I got into a real paddy. I can get a bit antsy when Harry is channel flicking, though. I'm tempted to wrench the remote out of his hand but, fortunately, I've resisted so far.

16. Tell us about the best photograph you have ever had taken.
I don't like having my photograph taken; I am not at all photogenic. Harry used to develop and print his own photos back in the seventies so there are a few good ones from then. It's not the best photo I've ever had taken but my favourite is one our elder daughter (also a keen photographer) took of Harry and me in our hallway about five years ago. I have my eyes half closed and my mouth wide open, laughing, as Harry pecks kisses on my cheek. I look crazy but I love it.

17. Have you ever gone skinny-dipping and where?
Harry and I once went skinny-dipping with friends on a moonlit beach in Devon. We were carefree twenty-somethings then.

18. What do you like on your pizza? What don't you like on your pizza?
I like Hawaiian pizza or a plain margharita. I don't eat pizza often.

Thank you Ella for the great meme.