Friday 2 August 2019

More Tales From The Note Book

All is well at the Joneses' residence. We're still really busy but the good news is that Harry is cutting out a major part of our business at Christmas, so next year won't be so hectic.

It hasn't been all work and no play here. We enjoyed our European road trip and the concerts were wonderful. My mum celebrated her 92nd birthday a couple of weeks ago. She's doing pretty well, though I'm not sure how much longer she'll be able to carry on living alone. Our younger daughter bowled in for her annual visit last week. She's on a trip with a friend right now, coming back to us for a few days next week. And I can't count my blessings without mentioning a day out in London with Jan, Ronnie, Ami and Minelle, not to mention John, Dan and Minelle's Scotsman. Harry and P were unable to complete the lineup owing to prior commitments.

I'm scheduled for a 'reconnection' this evening. Other than that I've nothing to tell so, without  further ado, it's on with some more snippets from Rosie's notebook.

🌟I was a little unruly in the kitchen, prompting Harry to bend me over the table. He started spanking with his hand but soon felt in need of an implement. The utensil jar was out of reach so I wasn't expecting the feel of wood on my posterior...

R: Did you just smack me with the cheeseboard??
H: Yes (shows offending object) and I'm going to do it again!
R: But it's a real cheeseboard for displaying cheese, not for spanking!
H: I think you'll find you're wrong there...
R: Oww! Oww!

It hasn't been seen since - I think it may have fallen into the rubbish bin... 

🌟There was bizarre conversation when we were washing the dishes one evening:
H: I'm going to ask you a question and I want you to answer yes or no.
R: Okaay...
H: Nothing else, yes or no.
R: What's the question?
H: Did you use the good brandy in the Christmas puddings?
R: No.

You may be surprised to learn that that was the wrong answer. Christmas pudding is Harry's favourite and I make individual portions in batches of six, all year round. He's pretty serious about his puddings!

🌟An unexpected morning off:
H: So what are we doing?
R: I'm standing at the worktop watching you make breakfast and, well, you're...
H: Very funny - get over that table.

🌟Harry cooking dinner:
H: (Exasperated) How did I manage to splash the sauce on the tiles?
R: (To herself) It's a mystery.
H: I heard that - and I don't mean the words!

🌟Another dish washing episode:
We were going on holiday across the Channel and I wasn't convinced Harry had grasped some of the finer points of the preparations. He was patient up to a point but, after one "But what if..." too many, he put a finger to my lips and told me he had everything under control and I was to stop fretting. He replaced his finger with a kiss and sent me out of the kitchen with a couple of well placed swats.

Let's get away from that kitchen, it's a danger zone for me!

🌟A matter of perspective:
R: Harry's broken his right index finger.
R's sister: Oh, poor chap, it's so awkward when you can't use that finger.

R: Harry's broken his right index finger.
Blogging friend: Yikes! That means straight to a paddle.
She was right.

🌟Cuddling in bed before the alarm announced the start of the day:
H: What time is the table booked for this evening?
R: 7pm.
H: Don't put your makeup on before I get home...

🌟Over his lap - just for fun:
H: Your bottom is really smooth - do you think that spanking has banished the cellulite?
R: Sounds feasible.
H: Should I spank your thighs then?
R: No!
H: Just trying to be helpful...

🌟I got into BIG trouble for this one:
H: I see you brought the recycling bin in. Was that wise given your back problem?
R: The bin men came early and I didn't want it being blown into the road. It seemed a good idea at the time.
H: (Points upstairs).

🌟Sometimes you just can't win:
H: (Frowns and wags finger).
R: What? I thought I put my case diplomatically.
H: It's the smirk that will get you in trouble.  

I made a new batch of Christmas puddings today. No connection at all with the reconnection  at bed time...