Monday 19 November 2018

Stolen Meme

Leigh stole this from Lindy. As it's being passed on, does that make Leigh a fence?

1. Name something people hate to find on their windscreen. A parking ticket.

2. Name something a man might buy before going on a date. Condoms.

3. Name something you cook in the microwave. Scrambled eggs.

4. Name an item found in an old man's wallet. A bus pass.

5. Something always stocked in the fridge. Champagne, of course.

6. Name an item found in Grandma's purse. Sweets (candy) for the grands.

7. A sport where you might lose a tooth. I guess not fishing.

8. Name a fruit that isn't round. A lemon.

9. Name something you put on a Christmas tree. Baubles.

10. Name five people that you think will do this. Pass. Leigh has already named the most      likely suspects!

Thanks, Sunny and Lindy!


Friday 16 November 2018

It's that time of year again!

Hi there! Is that you peeking out from those Venetian blinds? Why not come out and say "Hello?" I promise I won't bite. I know it might sound daunting; I found it hard to press that [Publish] button back on Love Our Lurkers Day 2013. I was so nervous, it took me three goes! As it turned out, the first blogger I reached out to was just as nervous as I was. It was her first LOL Day and mine was the first comment on her blog that day. We have been real life friends for a long time now.

At that time I had no cover identity, so I used the 'Anonymous' feature to comment and you are welcome to do the same. You could use a fictitious name in tandem with that, as I did. I chose the name Rosie, a nickname from my dim and distant past. I never imagined then that I'd one day be using it in a blog of my own!

Blogger tells me how many page views each post attracts, so I know that many people read without commenting. What it can't tell me - or anyone else - is who you are. I'd love to hear from you but, whether you come out to play or not, I'd like to thank you for reading my blog.

Love, Rosie

Friday 9 November 2018

He Has Spoken - Ella's Meme

Harry agreed to take part in Ella's meme but when it came to answering the questions it was like pulling teeth! Maybe my interrogation skills need some work!

1. If you could be 16 years old again for a day, how would you spend those 24 hours?
 I enjoyed being sixteen, I wouldn't change whatever I was doing at the time.

2. Name one thing your wife could do for which you would spank her in a heartbeat.
Nothing comes to mind. No, really, nothing!

Oops! How did that get in there?

3. Is there a holiday destination or experience about which you have always dreamed?
 I've always wanted to go to the Maldives.

 Would you want to take your wife or do this particular trip on your own?
 It would be no fun without Rosie.

4. Tell us about something your wife does that has a childlike quality to it. It could be something happy or silly or something else.
Beeping my nose!

5. As a father, what was something that you did with your children that brought you a great deal of happiness.

(Rosie: Our daughters are both Daddy's girls. Harry's the one that got broody and was really hands-on right from the start. The only thing he couldn't do was nurse them.)

6. Do you see your wife as submissive?
I wish...

7. Which of you is the most outgoing?
That's a tricky one, neither of us is really outgoing.

8. What is an outdoor activity that you enjoy?
I took up skiing last year at the ripe old age of 67 and can't get enough of it.

An indoor activity? (besides sex!)
Reading, both fiction and non-fiction.

9. What's the greatest car that's ever been built?
I'm a motor racing fan and the Maserati 250f gets my vote.

10. Do you like to shop for your own clothes or do you prefer that your wife does that for you? Or is the Internet the best way to shop?
A mixture of all three. The best results are when we shop together in a store.

11. Think about films you like. Are they usually ones that you and your wife both enjoy? Or do your tastes run far from what she usually likes?
We usually like the same films; our favourite is 'A Good Year'. Rosie likes films that have happy endings, so there are some I watch alone.

12. When you are away from home, what do you miss the most?
Rosie, of course.