Saturday 28 April 2018

How Time Flies

A few days ago, I happened to see on a friend's blogroll that there hadn't been a post on Rosie's are red for two months. I knew it had been a while but where had that time gone? I can tell you that March went by in a blur of all work and no play, as Harry took on a big project that meant working all hours and hiring extra help. I was very busy too, taking it all in my stride, until the second bout of snow sent me into the doldrums and I didn't seem able to shake off the gloom.

I was so glad when Good Friday came around and Harry had to take a four day break. We pulled up our metaphorical drawbridge and spent a lazy day together, starting off with coffee and croissants in bed. When I came back from the bathroom, Harry was sitting against the headboard with a pillow over his lap. He has a thing about spanking me fresh from the shower, before my body lotion has sunk in. He says it makes it easier, the same effect for less effort. I reminded him as I went over his lap that it had been three weeks since I had last been spanked. After just a few spanks he stopped and squeezed my bottom, first one cheek then the other. Then...

H:  Have you lost weight?

R:  Yes, I've been shedding the extra pounds I've put on since last summer.

H:  Well, stop! I don't want this lovely bottom wasting away.

R:  But I've only got two pounds to go!

H:  No!!  No, no, no, no, no!

Smack!!  Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack!

I didn't protest, best not to argue with a man when you're naked over his lap. 

I think three weeks is the longest I've been without a spanking in the last five years and I missed it. Evidently, Harry did too as he spanked twice more over the break. Then he was back to work, tying up the loose ends on the big job before returning to a more regular schedule. In the middle of the week, he sent me this text - the hearts were from me:

Oh, that red dress! I wore it for a reconnection once, with seamed stockings and red patent shoes. We both needed that spanking and I thought the dress and stockings would make a pleasing frame for the target area, giving Harry some extra interest. On that occasion he turned my bottom almost as red as the dress but since then it has mostly been worn for fun. The spanking that followed the text was bone-meltingly delicious. I'd had four delightful spankings in five days. My cup runneth over! 

And yet...

When Harry overcame nature and nurture and started spanking me it made me happy, rejuvenating our love life and, by some alchemy, bringing us closer. It wasn't until the first 'real' spanking that I recognised that alchemy as his growing assertiveness. Sitting afterwards on his lap with my head nestled into his neck, calm and contented, I realised that what I'd needed all along was the primitive knowledge that my mate is stronger than I am. That he would not only save me from the lions but, also, sometimes from myself. Non-discipline spankings are wonderful but I'm sure I'm not the only one whose nether regions stir at the sight of her man with a stern look on his face and a paddle in his hand! Nothing sets my world to rights better than a reset, though they're pretty rare nowadays. 

Ronnie borrowed this meme from Ella recently. It seems apt to use it here too...

...and I got my hug. Equilibrium restored.