Monday 22 January 2018

The Things We Do For Love

A very belated Happy New year to you all! I didn't mean to be away so long. 

Harry and I took an almost unheard of four weeks off work, starting from the middle of December. I thought I'd have heaps of time to do things I wanted to do but Christmas still snuck up and bit me in the bum and Harry's birthday and New Year both went by in a flash.

Then it was time to start packing for our holiday in the French Alps. I may have mentioned a time or two that I hate snow, so a week in a ski resort is way out of my comfort zone. Harry has the bug, though, and invited our elder daughter and her partner to join us. Harry and I travelled by car over three days, picking the other two up at the airport on the last leg of the journey.

I'd never imagined going on a ski trip. If I had, I'd have thought of a ski village, quite separate from the slopes. I knew about chair lifts and cable cars taking skiers up the mountains to get their fun, so it came as something as a surprise to me that the snow started right outside the apartment building. It was impossible to go anywhere without walking on that nasty white stuff. Did I say walking? I meant slithering, hanging on to Harry for dear life. After a couple of days DP (Daughter's Partner) suggested looking in the ski shop to see if they sold crampons. It was much easier with the grippy things but I wasn't let out alone, mainly, I suspect, because I have no sense of direction and am known for getting lost in unfamiliar places.

Though I loathe snow it was impossible not to be awed by the stunning scenery. I was even persuaded to ride in a cable car up to another resort higher up the mountain, where the snow was deeper but, curiously, easier to walk on.

The view from our balcony

The view from 1600 metres up

The week seemed to rush by and we were soon back at the airport, saying goodbye to the intrepid snowboarders. Harry and I carried on, spending a night in the beautiful city of Reims, before heading back to the ferry port and home.

We've been back a week now. I've cleared the mountain of laundry and dealt with the avalanche of mail that was piled up behind the front door. Harry has got us back on track - you know what that means!