Tuesday 16 August 2016


When Harry landed those first tentative smacks on my behind, I could never have dreamt how much my life was about to change. Our second spanking left some light bruising, prompting me to put 'how to spank your wife' into a search engine, hoping for some advice on how to spank without leaving marks. That's when I found Blogland. I had never thought I was a freak for wanting to be spanked but, nevertheless, it was so good to find that there were women who felt the same need as I did. Even better, a lot of them were older women, like me.

I lurked in the shadows, not having the nerve to comment and never, in my wildest dreams, imagined becoming friends with some of the women whose blogs I read so avidly. And if anyone had told me that I would not only write my own blog one day but also meet other bloggers in person, I would have sent for the men in white coats to take them away.

If you've read Jan's blog during the past couple of days, you will know that the two of us met up on Friday. There was no awkwardness between us, it was as if we'd been friends for ever, which I hope we will be in reality now.  Jan is just as lovely in real life as she is on her blog and we had a lot of fun together. We talked so much our coffee went cold and we completely forgot about lunch.

Jan knew it was my birthday a few days later and very sweetly gave me presents, a lovely bracelet and some wooden salad servers. I'd never owned salad servers before, so they came in very handy when Harry made a big salad for lunch. Who am I kidding? I knew perfectly well what my dear friend meant them for, as did Harry.

I shall be seeing Jan again soon, when we go to London next month to have lunch with some other bloggers, an event organised by Ella. There will be six of us, which seems to be a magic number at the moment. We're all excited and can't wait.

I could never have foreseen that being spanked would lead to making friends in different parts of the world, with whom I can be myself and who are so supportive of one another.

Oh, and it's done amazing things for my marriage too. 


Tuesday 9 August 2016

Ella's Midsummer Night's Meme

Ella has come up trumps again with a new meme for us to enjoy. 
(Is 'trumps' a bad choice of word at the moment?) 

Here's my shot at it.

1. Name a place where you have always wanted to make love with your partner.
Somewhere warm, on a blanket, under the stars.

2. What is your least favourite implement for a discipline spanking?
Although I recently had a narrow escape, punishment isn't part of our dynamic. "Discipline" in our house means reminder, RA, and reset type spankings. The horrid wooden paddle always makes its presence felt on those occasions. Thankfully, it isn't used for the whole spanking.

3. Name or describe a piece of lingerie in which your husband loves to see you.
Corset, stockings and heels does it for Harry too. I think most men love that look.

4. Do you favour silver jewellery or gold? Besides a wedding ring, do you have a signature piece that you wear often or even every day?
I'm a pearls girl and have some beautiful pieces. Harry bought me a sapphire and diamond ring for my 60th birthday, which I wear every day with my wedding band.

5. What was the worst job you ever had?
I took a part-time job as an assistant accountant a few years ago. The couple who ran the company were financially illiterate and not open to suggestions on how to improve. I got so frustrated, I had to leave. They went into administration not long after.

6. Is there something your husband does (or doesn't do) around the house that drives you crazy?
Harry piles his clothes up on the chair in our bedroom, which drives me nuts. If he can't find something, it's a safe bet that it's creased up in the pile somewhere.

7. What is the hardest thing you ever had to learn? Could be school, career, life, or even ttwd.
I needed maths A-level to be a computer programmer. Although I only needed applied (logical) maths, the subject could only be taken in tandem with pure maths. I was good at the applied subject but much of the pure maths was beyond me. I gave up after failing to plot a parabolic graph from a quadratic equation and mark points x and y on it - or something like that anyway, it was a long time ago.

I became a successful life insurance underwriter instead, changing tack to accounting after my daughters were born.

8. Besides a spanking, tell us something that always brings a tear to your eye. Could be a movie, a song, a memory, or something else.
There are songs I can't listen to in my car because they make me cry; I've sobbed at the cinema and wetted the pages of books. And don't ask about children's Nativity plays!

9. What was your favourite grade in school (K through 12) and why?
I can't say I had a favourite time at school. I stayed on until I was 18 but never went back to visit. My younger sister picked up my examination certificates for me.

10. As a child, did you have a favourite stuffed animal or doll that you took to bed?
Marmaduke, my Teddy bear. Most of his fur has been loved off and the straw is poking out of his left paw where I sucked it. I don't take him to bed now but he sits in our room on a cushion.

11. What was a make-believe game you loved to play when you were a kid?
When I was four or five, I used to love dressing my cat up in bonnet, matinee jacket and booties and wheeling her around in my doll's pram. She didn't seem to mind.

12. Look in your closet wardrobe. Is there a lot of one particular colour? Are you drawn to that colour when you shop?
My staples are all neutral colours, black, navy and grey; easy to dress up with brighter pieces. I love purple but there's not a lot of it in my wardrobe. 

13. What is your favourite alcoholic beverage? What is your favourite soft beverage?
Harry and I make regular trips across the Channel to stock up on Champagne, which is our favourite alcoholic drink. I am a coffee drinker; can't get through the morning without it.

14. If you could have your dream job for a day, what would it be?
My dream is not to have a job! I want to retire but Harry isn't ready yet.

15. Describe your wedding gown. If you were going to get married again, what would you pick today?
Harry and I had been together eleven years by the time we married and, much to our parents' chagrin, were living in our own home without benefit of bell, book or candle. We opted for a civil ceremony, so a white dress and veil was never on the cards. Harry chose my dress, a lovely, floaty, confection in cream silk crepe de chine, with lilac smocking around the neckline and a matching rouleau ''goddess'' belt at the waist.

In the unlikely event that I married again, I'd wear a pale dress and jacket combination with a big hat.

Incidentally, the word 'obey' did not feature in my wedding vows.

16. Tell us about your first car! How old were you? Did you give it a name? Do you remember how much it cost?
My first car was a Datsun 1600 estate. I called it Blue Streak because it was blue and went like a rocket. It wasn't running too well at one point and had to go in to the garage. In those days, you handed your keys to the mechanic who was going to do the job and explained the problem to him. I said, very technically, "It's going chug, chug, when it should go vroom, vroom." Harry was mortified. When we went to pick it up the mechanic said, "I think you'll find it goes vroom, vroom, now." And it did! 

I was 22 years old and paid £450 for the car.

Mine was a darker blue

Thanks, Ella, this was fun.