Thursday 16 March 2017

Home Alone

Harry has been away for a week on a boys-only trip across the Channel. Not so very long ago, communication would have meant a phone call or two at an exorbitant rate on a line blighted by static. Nowadays, it's so much easier to keep in touch, with text messaging, phone calls and FaceTime, all from a gadget held in your hand. It was in a FaceTime call towards the end of Harry's sojourn that he told me he couldn't wait to get home and take me across his knee. His palm was itching and we weren't even in the same country!

He got home very late on Saturday night and spent most of Sunday catching up on sleep and other pressing needs, so it wasn't until Monday morning that his itchy palm was relieved, by giving me a delicious 'just because I'm back' spanking. Afterwards, he warned me there'd be a reset when he got home from work. There's nothing like it for setting my world to rights and maintaining my equilibrium. Since then, it has been reminders twice a day, once before he goes to work and again on his return. It's no coincidence that he is working twelve days straight, which always makes me edgy. I'm not complaining though, I waited 43 years for that first spank to fall!

I went to a party during Harry's absence but, apart from that, life was uneventful. Luckily, there's another meme: 

Early bird or a night person?
I am not a morning person. I'm not really a night owl either, I just stay up too late.

Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry?
Haagen-Dazs strawberry cheesecake.

Summer person or winter person?
Summer. When the clocks go back in October, I just want to hibernate until spring.

Hearty breakfast or just coffee?
Light breakfast with two cups of tea. Coffee comes later.

Bright or muted colours?
Neutral, with pops of colour for contrast.

Pie or cake?
Cake, preferably chocolate with buttercream icing. 

Seaside vacation or fun in a big resort or city?
City breaks for sightseeing, seaside for relaxation.

Dog or cat lover?
I've had both but cats have the edge.

Short or long hair?
Chin length.

Leather or wood?
Leather, wood is no good.

Baseball or football fan?
Not really a sports fan but I do like to watch the Six Nations Rugby. England won the 2017 tournament.

Spa day or shopping with a friend?
Spa day with a friend. Better still, spa stay with a friend.

Live concert or movie?
Live concert. I love to see all the old bands. I've seen Bryan Ferry more than 20 times.

Wrap a gift with paper and bow or use a gift bag?
Depends on the shape of the gift.

Help build a snowman or stay inside and make the hot chocolate?
I hate snow.

Four seasons or California climate?
Four seasons. It's not always raining in England, though it sometimes seems that way.

Driver or passenger?
Driving is a necessary evil as far as I'm concerned. I have to do it but I'd rather be in the passenger seat.

Pyjamas or nightgown?
I don't own any night wear.

Bake a cake or go to your favourite bakery?
Bake a cake.

Valentine's cake for Harry

Theatre night - musical or drama?
I'm not crazy about musicals but the last thing I saw at a theatre was 'Chicago'.

Thanks to Abby for circulating this one.