Friday 19 October 2018

Just a Quickie

No, not that kind of quickie! I'm popping in to let you know that, although I haven't been seen around Blogland for a week or so, I have been reading blogs daily. Blogger is being a right royal pain and will not allow me to post comments, either in my name or as anonymous.  It may be a coincidence but the problem started when I updated my operating system. It's possible that I've upset something in the settings but I don't have time to plough through all that right now. My best laid plans have gone awry and work, family and life in general have conspired against me.

To make things worse, I managed to put my back out whilst washing my hair over the bathtub on Monday morning. I can't wash it in the shower; the water running over my head and face makes me feel like I'm drowning. I leant over a little bit too far when rinsing off the conditioner and wham! The pain shot across my back, taking my breath away. That happens every so often, a legacy from a slipped disc years ago, so I know the drill. Harry has been on my case very helpful, reminding me to take analgesics regularly and get the right balance between rest and exercise. Monday evening I got up to walk about a bit and went into the dining room, which doubles as our office, where Harry was working on his computer. I stood beside him, with my hands resting on top of a high-backed chair. Whatever he was doing wasn't working out and he was getting impatient. I made a sassy comment and, placing a hand on my bottom, Harry asked whether that had been a wise move on my part, given my situation. I couldn't help laughing and my bottom received several sharp smacks. I didn't stop laughing, even when he got up to get a better aim. I was alarmed when he opened the drawer of my desk and pulled out my old-fashioned, heavy, ruler. He'd never used that as an implement before and it stung! It was all in fun though; I'd been well supported by the chair and it was good for keeping up my spirits.

The pain has subsided and I just have a bit of back ache now. Harry has taken a couple of days off and we are having a long weekend at home, pottering about. Back to normal on Monday, I hope.

Have a good weekend.